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From My Window



Lorne Clarke Music
December 2015

Lorne Clarke's third CD is a collection of 14 new original songs. It was recorded and produced by singer, songwriter, producer Michael Jerling, who says:

"These fourteen well-crafted songs reflect Lorne's colorful biography and his unwillingness to simply accept cruelty and injustice in the world. Although difficult subjects are addressed, there is no despairing. Hope shines through."

Lorne is backed by fellow Canadian James Gordon on penny whistle, piano and banjo and by upstate New York musicians including Tony Markellis on bass, John Kirk on fiddle, Teresina Huxtable on reed organ and accordion, John Kribs on banjo and Orion Kribs on mandolin. Kevin Maul plays dobro on two cuts, while Danny Whelchel adds percussion and Gerry Mckeveny adds a fine electric guitar track. Harmony vocals are by Bob Warren & Joy MacKenzie, and Liz Hood & Teresina Huxtable; producer Michael Jerling adds various guitars, keyboard and vocals to the mix. Click on "Buy Now" button above to hear clips of all the songs.


  1. From My Window
  2. Shame
  3. Whisper of Father
  4. New Direction
  5. Aberfan (When the Mountain Fell)
  6. You Know I Believe
  7. The Creek
  8. Big Train
  9. The Edge of All That's Holy
  10. If You Knew
  11. Heaven
  12. Concrete & Blood
  13. Repent
  14. Night Bird's Call
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